Favorite Things!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your child’s teacher? Visit Maple Avenue Staff link or look below to find your teacher’s favorite things! Note, if there is no link to the staff member below, they have not turned in their list yet. Stay tuned.


Sara Gale

Jessica Hoffa

Mary Kuriga

First Grade:

Rebecca Cochran

Renee Waldow

Mary Zgonc

Second Grade:

Pam Jeletz

Tracy Krenek

Cathy Romanski

Third Grade:

Mike Fraundorf

Debbie Grove

Diana Ruiz

Fourth Grade:

Katie Bernard

Erin Ridosko

Eric Weckwerth

Fifth Grade:

                  Christina Garley

Michelle Schultz

Kelly Zellner

Specialist and Support Staff:

Math Specialist: Kim Mechenich

                  Paraprofessional: Jen Adams

Paraprofessional: Jane Cebulski

                  Paraprofessional: Sheila Heimermann

Paraprofessinal: Dinah Krueger

Paraprofessional: Barbara Larson

                  Paraprofessional: Susan McMahon

Paraprofessional: Salena Salomone

Paraprofessional: Kimberley Seher

Paraprofessional: Laura Watson

                  Paraprofessional: Tiffany Wolf

Library Media Paraprofessional: Dolly Amoroso

Reading Specialist: Tami Harpster

Special Education: Amy Kelly

                  Special Education: Lisa Merritt

Special Education: Mary Weigel Smith

                  Speech and Language: Sara Romant

E.R.E.: DeMaris Gill

E.R.E.: Pat Kitscha

Specials Teachers:

Art: Amber Skaros

                  Band: Jim Gornick

Fitness Education: Kara Duehring

Guidance: Colleen Casper

Library: Brian Latus

Music: Sarah Plamann

Technology: Terri Manske

Office Staff:

Nancy Gin

Eileen Swierczek