Frequently Asked Questions


…answers to all your Frequently Asked Questions, concerns, and more…


School Phone:  262-246-4220          School Fax:  262-246-3914

District Website:

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Starting time:  8:35 a.m.          Ending time:  3:25 p.m.

Early release day dismissal:  12:30 p.m.  Lunch is served.

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Make your check payable to…

Maple Avenue Home & School:  For Home & School sponsored activities, events and fundraisers.  Label your envelope “Home & School,” along with the name of the event/fundraiser.

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We’ve got spirit!

Maple spirit days are the first Friday of each month, when students and staff are encouraged to show their Wildcat pride by wearing red or their favorite Maple Spirit wear.  Other spirit/theme days will be announced throughout the year, e.g. Packers or Brewers, in support of an upcoming big game or event.

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Staff gift ideas & Helpful Hearts … Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Looking for that perfect item of appreciation for your child’s teacher or important staff member?  The staff Favorite Things binder in located in the library, and contains gift ideas, favorite things and classroom needs completed by each staff member.

Helpful Hearts, a thankful drive held each February, is another opportunity to help restock much needed supplies ($3-5/item) desired by each grade, “Specials” (art, technology, music, etc.), and support/office staff.  Be sure to visit the lobby in February to make your selections, or the Helpful Hearts coordinator would be happy to send you an item(s) selection for you to purchase and send in on your student’s behalf.

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Home & School Volunteering

HELP! … I want to help … I don’t have time to help … I don’t know how to do that event… Where do I sign up?

Whether you have a little time, or a chunk of time … you’re at home or outside the home most of the day … you’re a seasoned school volunteer or it’s your Rookie year, your children and school need you!

Maple Avenue Home & School (H&S) is a volunteer organization comprised of families (that’s you!) and school staff.  H&S provides support to you and your child through communication, financial assistance to school & students, and the organization of more than 25 events each year!  Those events don’t run themselves and extra hands are always needed!  Volunteer Interest sheets are sent home at the start of and mid-school year where you can select the areas that interest you.  Be a general volunteer and we’ll call you if any event needs extra hands.  Or contact a member of H&S or an event coordinator directly (they’re all listed in your school directory) to see where you can contribute – whether from home, at school, for an hour, or all year, you can join your child in making a contribution to the Maple Avenue experience.  Get involved!

2016-2017 H&S Meeting Schedule:

September 13                             March 14

November 15                             May 9

January 10

7:00 p.m. in the school’s Large Group Area (LGA) across from the office.

All parents and guardians are invited to attend. Childcare is provided at no charge.

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